Goa ban on mining?

In reality the ban on mining by the  government in Goa is a sham, as the state allows the trade in illegally mined Iron ore.

In his order, the state has said, ‘The suspension of mining operation shall not effect trade and transportation of ore already mined and existing in the lease hold area, in short transit or stored or stocked in jetties.’

The government’s order seems rather strange. If mining has been halted because it was illegal, it does not make sense to allow what has been dug out to be sold. No doubt it cannot be put back in the mines. It belongs to the state.

Why must those who have illegally been plundering the state’s mineral riches be allowed to continue to benefit from it.

It would make more sense for the state to confiscate the ores already mined and sell it so that the proceeds of the sale accrue to the state, not to those who have bypassed or broken the law? The true meaning of the mining ban will then make sense.


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