Bharata, My Brother

The Ramayana retold

Every Indian must have read the translation and adaptation of the Ramayana sometime or the other. R K Narayan once wrote that almost every Indian is aware of the story of the Ramayana in some measure or the other.

Valmiki wrote the first narrative of the epic in Sanskrit. Although the Ramayana may have existed in some form before, his version is considered standard for most translations into English. The oldest manuscript is a palm-leaf that was found in Nepal.

But very few may have given a thought or realised the role of Bharata which is the essence and has made the epic what it is, a fasinating story. The Ramayana can make you think – and it is a great read, every time. And especially, the episode of Bharata. You will find it interesting.


‘A remarkable exposition of the relationship between Rama & Bharata. Provides a glimpse of Ramayana in a simple form with a focus on Bharata’s episode in the great epic.’

Heart-breaking and heart-warming at the same time. told with much historical 
insight, love and moments of profound truth that this epic is about a family, 
tradition, compassion and brothers torn by the events is worth reading, 
especially for those who are keen about oriental literature.
– Jennifer Mitchell

DSC00392aBharata, My Brother

– Bharata’s episode in Ramayana in verse form.
Including Ramayana: story in brief & Bharata’s profile.

Written by: Anil Kumar Naik

– Foreword by Shri Asaranna Swami, Durga Parmeshwari temple,
Kateel, Karnataka.




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