The Joy of Giving!

joy of giving-1‘Offerings are significant as they are perceived as an opportunity to move beyond the low level instinct of serving oneself. When made for the large common good, they are valued as a self-purification process.’

joy of giving-3

A few years ago a young couple approached me and offered me their own used Video Camera Recorder with video cassettes and other accessories, to be put to some useful use for the needy. I was left wondering?

I contacted a friend who travels to Ichalkaranji, in Maharastra often, as he has his business interest there. In the course of our conversation, he mentioned about a special school for poor deaf and dumb children on the outskirts of the town; who needed help. I requested him if I could donate the VCR to the school. He promised to speak to the authorities.

During one of his regular visits there, he met the school authorities and told them about the VCR. They were keen and very happy to hear about it. My friend returned and briefed me about the interaction.

joy of giving-2He carried it all the way to Ichalkaranji and to the remote school and gifted it to the school authorities. They were overwhelmed and told my friend, they thought such things happen only in stories or films. They were keen to meet me and convey their feelings to me personally. They wondered who is this man who was willing to gift something from a faraway place in Mumbai?

They serviced the VCR and used it in the school to teach and demonstrate various study material to the handicapped children. They also proudly use it to film various celebrations and functions held in the school. It also added value to the school.

They told my friend – You don’t know what this gift has done for us? Since I couldn’t go there or meet them, they sent a letter on their letterhead, thanking me for this special gift and invited me to attend their school annual day. I was humbled.


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