Why is India Reticent?

drdo-2Why is India shying to deal in arms? It is big business world-wide. India should confidently assert itself when it has the manpower, technology and capability. It makes good business sense and also conveys a political message to other countries, specially neighbouring countries. It also gives an impetus towards self-sufficiency.
drdo-1India can play a key role in global arms market. Asian giant China has entered the global arms market to sell its high tech missile systems, helicopters, drones, frigates and fighter jets. West looks at China with envy. India is another giant in the region capable of giving tough competition to China in this area of high tech weapons of defence and offence.

drdo-7We are already exporting the indigenous developed Dhru helicopters. The Defence Research & Development Organization should tap and encourage talent from the various engineering colleges. Unfortunately top scientists and engineers are quitting DR&DO for lack of innovative opportunities. This trend should be reversed as they are loosing talent and brain to private sector.

drdo-8We should utilize the vast pool of scientists and engineers passing out from top colleges and IIT’s all over India, they can bring in new ideas and latest advancement in their field to practical use and make India a major player in the global arms market.

India is already acknowledged a super power in software exports. With the modern warfare fought with high tech equipment, weapons and new generation of computers, defence software is another area with great export potential.

If India feels, being the land of Mahatma Gandhi, it is not appropriate for the country to export arms, it can very well look into defence weapons and equipment which many countries around the globe would be interested to buy from India, giving India a drdo-5leverage in world politics.






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